Here is a selection of some of the recent projects I have worked on, just click on the links to have a look!

Holiday Extras

I have created a vast amount of film and photography for Holiday Extras, working as a multimedia editor, having the responsibility to act as both camera and editor. The work involved traveling all around the country to different hotels, carparks and corporate events to shoot and edit the films/images that end up on their website, as well as their Youtube channel.



Hunter Gatherer 

Here’s one of the latest videos I made for the recent ‘Hunter Gatherer’ Exhibition. It features Moose & Yeti and Squirl creating a mural to promote their upcoming exhibition.


Here is a film of the ‘Hunter Gatherer’ exhibition from the private view. The exhibition was held at ‘Space Gallery’ in Folkestone and was free to attend. The evening was an all round success as can see. The music featured is by Django Reinhardt.




Lonestar Comedy Club

A short video ad for Lonestar Comedy Club……..